The Benefits of Regular Health Check-up

The Benefits of Regular Health Check-up

Many of us like surprises, but when it comes to healthcare, a surprise is the last thing we want. To ensure that your health is in check, it’s important to get regular health check-ups. Here are a couple of benefits of regular health check-up:

Know warning signs beforehand

In this day and age, with our current lifestyle, we are prone to certain diseases that afflict the Nepalese population. Ischemic heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, stroke, asthma, chronic kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, and such - a silent killer to name a few. The scariest part is that the symptoms do not show until it is too late.

Take diabetes, for instance. The warning signs of diabetes - especially Type 2 diabetes - are so mild that you won’t notice them until it gets severe. Some of the early signs of diabetes can include hunger, fatigue, dry mouth, itchy skin. You might shrug them off as stress or poor hygiene. However, when ignored, these symptoms can escalate to yeast infections, pain or numbness in your feet, and slow-healing sores and cuts.

With a regular health check-up, you can take control of your health. Complete body check-up can help you and your doctor to get a grasp of your health condition over time. Regular health check-up can help them notice even the slighted amount of changes in your health that require immediate attention. With a regular health check-up, you’ll be able to address any risk factors that you may have. Simultaneously, your doctor will be able to treat you better if they know what they’re looking into. 

Prevention is better than cure

To understand this, let’s take an example of vaccines. As a child, you were given several vaccines to produce antibodies that help you fight against diseases - like polio. You get your vaccines from a young age to help prevent the formation of diseases earlier on, instead of risking the contraction of a disease in the future.

Regular health check-up is a similar preventive procedure that development countries are opting for.

The risk of many chronic diseases can be cut down with the help of regular health check-up. How? These full body health check-ups will ensure that any abnormalities in your body system can be identified early. This way, doctors can adopt timely medical interventions to subdue any further developments in the disease.

Furthermore, regular health check-up include medical tests for sugar, ultrasound, uric acid, calcium, sodium, potassium, ECG, urine, and more depending on your gender. These tests can help you stay on the right track for healthcare.

Save up on your medical expenses

There is a preconceived notion that getting regular health check-ups can be more expensive than going to the hospital when the need arises. While that may seem so at the moment, in hindsight, regular health check-up can save you on a lot of additional medical expenses.

For example, one of the regular health check-ups includes a pap smear test. It’s a simple swab of your cervix, and costs a couple hundred rupees. It’s a preventive test that is much cheaper than treating an active cervical cancer. A cervical cancer, on the other hand, could heap of medication, chemotherapy, surgery, hospitalization - which is expensive. This goes to show why investing in regular health check-ups now can go miles when saving your expenses.

Another important aspect to note is the time factor. Regular health check-up are scheduled, at your convenience. Getting diagnosed in a timely manner will save unpleasant surprises that include health and cost. In an unexpected situation it is severe, and the medical cost is high.. Thus, regular health check-ups can cost you a little now but it will help you save your time, money and mental stress in the future.

Ease your healthcare worries

With regular health check-up, you’ll be prepared for a healthy lifestyle and healthy aging. By keeping your health in check, you’ll have one less thing to worry about. Furthermore, getting a regular health check-up package can also help you stay on top of your health. Moreover, a healthcare package can also help you simplify your medical needs and maneuver your way through healthcare in Nepal.

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