About Embrace HealthNet

Embrace HealthNet, an initiative of Norvic International Hospital offers an annual preventative healthcare management plan that monitors and manages your healthcare needs with annual and quarterly checkup at Norvic International Hospital and a monthly checkup by a medical officers at home.

Embrace HealthNet is not an insurance coverage plan but instead, an annual preventative healthcare management plan that offers prescription coverage and a health savings account. 

PRIMARY - Our essential health coverage package includes a complete annual and quarterly checkup at Norvic International Hospital and a monthly checkup at home.

COMPREHENSIVE - Our advanced package offers additional health care benefits such as prescription medicine and a health savings account in addition to the Primary health care plan.

ENHANCED - Our most robust healthcare package that offers additional dental care, dietitian consultation, prescription medicine and health savings account in addition to all benefits that are offered in the Comprehensive health care plan.

Please refer to the healthcare plan coverage Description and details of Annual, Quarterly and Monthly page for more details. If you have further questions, the Embrace HealthNet Support team is available by phone, live chat and on social media to help resolve any questions you may have.

This is a coverage for prescription drugs and medications prescribed by doctors from Norvic International Hospital. This prescription coverage is included with Comprehensive and Enhanced packages and can be used only in Norvic Hospital's Pharmacy. This coverage does not include prescription medication prescribed by external doctors outside of Norvic’s Hospital. The remaining, unused balance will be rolled over for up to 2 years upon renewal of membership.

Health Savings Account is a medical savings account with an allocated sum of money to pay for all medical treatments serviced by Norvic International Hospital. This health savings account is included with Comprehensive and Enhanced packages. The remaining, unused balance, will be rolled over for up to 2 years upon renewal of membership. 


You can immediately start using Embrace HealthNet service after the healthcare plan is purchased. A client registration form needs to be completed online before scheduling an online appointment. Your Relationship Manager will contact the member/local guardian as applicable to coordinate for hospital registration process as well as for annual checkup followed by the consultation with the assigned doctor. 

This is an annual membership plan and is not interchangeable and non-customized, however, you can purchase an additional “Preventive Healthcare Package” that Norvic Hospital offers for an extra discount. Please visit Norvic International Hospital for more information.

Embrace HealthNet service is available within Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur area.

If you are traveling outside the country, your membership can be put on hold for maximum of 3 months with travel documents provided as evidence.


Our Online Real-Time Payment service will allow you to make payments using VISA, MasterCard and American Express. This secure, seamless and optimal payment service is integrated with Himalayan Bank Limited.

Payment of full amount is required at the time of registration.

Payment cannot be refunded.  

Embrace HealthNet does not charge any service fees or taxes. 

Additional benefits

Depending on the type of tests, it takes up to 5 days for a complete test result. Once the test result are available, your relationship manager will schedule an appointment with the doctor. The reports will then be made available online after your consultation with the doctor.

You can view your available health records by logging on to your Secure Online Patient Portal at any time.

You may use your health record as your medical history and can share this with doctors outside of Norvic hospital’s network, as per your discretion. Norvic hospital cannot be held responsible for the confidentiality of the patient details shared outside of Norvic hospital’s network.

Yes, you can add additional tests and pay for them directly at the billing counter in the hospital. (Applicable discounts are added during the billing process).

Yes, Ambulance/Vehicle will be provided in case of emergency.

As a part of the Embrace HealthNet, consulting doctors will guide you on the most appropriate course of action on how to treat your existing ailments. Doctors will be able to recommend additional tests, treatment options and refer you to senior specialists to consult with.

We will send you a reminder when your plan is up for renewal. You will be able to renew your membership online. 

Yes, you may pick the preferred doctor of your choice at the time of appointment with your relationship manager. 

After the annual/quarterly/monthly tests, the doctor will advice if you need to see the specialist. An additional 4 visits with consultant physicians in different speciality is included with all healthcare packages.